"My mother groaned, my father wept, into the dangerous world I leapt."

This quote from William Blake perfectly captures the nitty gritty of Jr's birth.

But despite the groaning, and later the crying, this was one of the most peaceful births I've had the opportunity to capture.

Robin labored peacefully. Tucked into the Low Intervention Birthing unit she had the freedom to move. She danced, she used oils, she laughed, and she labored. There wasn't a second where she wasn't laboring but throughout it all she was calm, and her space was calm. She had oils diffusing, calming music, and a birthing partner and team who respected her space and her birth plan.

She was her best advocate and made herself heard. When her plan need to change, it was because she needed it to change.

After hours of waiting, it was finally time to push. And then, yes, the mother groaned. They say nothing worth having, or doing, comes easy - and little man did not make it easy for his mother. He was turned up making it especially hard for both him and mom to navigate his entrance to the world. But Robin never gave into the pain but used it usher Jr into the world. When he finally made his appearance he really did just leap out! (Can't show you those pictures though!)

Quick shout out to dad: Obviously, our focus is mom but it does take two to tango. Robin and Dad have seen it best to uncouple from their marriage. But that doesn't mean they aren't doing their best to make co-parenting work. Dad was still 100% there for Robin, he helped facilitate her birth plan, assisted where he could, and stepped back as needed.

And just like that, he was out! Mom was snuggling him and dad was overwhelmed. Frankly, his reaction was what every dad's should be 1st kid or 20th kid! Brith is AMAZING. Life is AMAZING. It's okay to be awed dads!!