Looking for a fun photoshoot for you and your partner?

This summer I'm looking to fuel my creative shoots and cross a lot of my bucket list shoots off the list! To that end, I'm offering couple's sessions at a discount if you choose one of the below listed ideas. Or, if you have a creative shoot that you've been wanting to do send me your idea for consideration.

Shoot Ideas:

Paddleboards/Surfboards on the Beach

Car Wash Mini - BYOC

Dirt road tailgate shoot (I'll bring the pizza and sweet tea!)

Skateboards - can be at a skate park, or the Milton trails.

Awkward Couples Shoot - Bring on the denim and mullets

Trailer Park Shoot (You would need to live or have access to a trailer for this one)

Creek or Ocean Intimate Couples Session (Sunrise & Sunset options)

Paint Fight

Cozy breakfast at home