If Florida had mountain ranges...

Then this stock photo would be my first inspiration for a bucket list session. Alas, this is not the case - so until then I will have to settle for the more feasible sessions!

  1. Paint Sessions: Couples, Family, Maternity or Gender reveal. Embrace the mess and add paint to your session! Have a paint fight, see who can get the most on the others' faces and end with a hose down!
  2. Intimate Beach Session: Couples or Maternity. Session focusing on you as a couple. Can be done in full outfit or swimsuits depending on your comfort level.
  3. Car Wash Session: Couples. Soapy kisses, water fights and wet t-shirts. Having chores was never so fun!
  4. Mattress Session: Couples. Have good balance? Then let's test it on an air mattress on the water. And unlike Titanic there IS room for both of you on the mattress.
  5. Night time downtown: Stroll the streets of any local downtown area. Papparazzi style I'll be your biggest fan!
  6. Rooftop Session: Families or couples. Go for a more urban feel with your pictures!
  7. At home family sessions: Pick an activity- baking, gardening, game night, pillow fights etc. Get the kids involved and let me capture the magic!

I'm sure I'll add more to this as time goes on but if you'd like to book one of these at a discounted session rate please message me and we'll get you booked!