The ones that make the gallery...

but not necessarily Grandma's photo frame. The pictures I snap aside, the unposed ones, and the just for laughs ones. They may not always get picked by the clients, but I leave them in because they show your personalities, and the fun you have. So, don't be afraid to be distracted, or to interact with each other outside of any prompt! Some of my favorite moments are the ones where you forget I'm there for a second, or your realize too late I'm snapping away.

We may hunt for shells, or just be distracted by the environment. Often times I realize my pose prompts could to be a little clearer, but it makes for a good laugh when the clients take their own interpretation of my prompt!

One of my favorite moments, the shoulder dismount! This may be why I haven't attempted this pose with a couple in a while!!

This style is also good for kids who are camera shy or just don't want to be there, their pictures may just be them enjoying nature - but they will still be great memories. If you're coming to the beach from up north, don't be afraid to let your kids just enjoy the beach. I'll be there to try and direct some shots, but if we just capture the happy little accidents that'll be okay too!