A daughter's first love...

This year for Valentine's Day I really wanted to focus on the relationship between dads and their daughters. Daughters look up to their dads, they are their first love in many ways.

I know this first hand as my oldest's favorite person is her dad. And I don't mind (most days). He teaches her things I can't. He can teach her how to handle tools, and fix cars, and blow leaves, and how to have fun doing it. Things we may not always think of as being necessary for our girls but gives them so much more freedom and capability when they are grown.

Does she get in the way more often than not? Of course. But he cleans up the misplaced tools and ignores the pencil marks all over his work space.

So while girls love to get dirty helping dad in the garage, I decided to flip the tables and have the dad's help their girls do more girly things. Like makeup and nails, and blowing confetti. Because girls need their dads to be as interested in what they like as well.